Botulinum Toxin


Botox is in fact a trademark but it is usually used for botulinum toxin which is the ingredient of Botox. We use Botulinum Toxin for several purposes. For the treatment of wrinkles on the face, abnormal sweating patterns and muscle spasms. Its use is approved by the FDA.

Facial mimic movements are accomplised by the frequent contraction of the muscles. This results in deep creases around the eyes, frontal region, perioral region, and interocular area. Meantime, these creases become permanent. Botulinum toxin, slows down or inhibit mimetic contractions of the facial muscles and diminish or avish the wrinkles. It is also used in migraine treatment and extreme perspiration control in the armpits, hands and feet. Prominent sweating occurs in hot environment, during heavy exercises, with emotional changes such as stress and in some other conditions. Body regulates inner temperature mainly by sweating. Excessive sweating may occur in unusual conditions. It usually appears as generalized excessive sweating. Reduced sweating my persist up to one year or more. Brow ptosis, neck bands and crow feet lines around the eyes are corrected using this medication. Its effect is seen 3-7 days after the injection and lasts for 3-12 months.

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