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Face-Lift - Suspension

face lift or rhytidectomy is a surgical intervention to correct age-related sagging and wrinkles. With increasing age, the face starts sagging. Wrinkles and skin irregularities as well as discoloration of the facial skin occur. In an aging face, forehead lines appear, eye brows droop, eyelids sag, bags under the eyes become apparent and nasolabial sulcus deepens. Mouth corners turns down, cheeks droop, and mandibular definition decrease. All of these deformities are corrected during a face lift. Forehead, midface and lower face lifts are the procedures performed in our patients. A younger and smarter face drammatically changes the external perception of the patient in a positive way. The aim is to obtain a natural and aesthetic appearence. Our target is to transform a quadrilateral shaped face into a triangular one.

Upper face, midface and lower face constitutes the face. Face rejuvenation is performed combining newest methods with the modifications we have developed. All parts of the face are repositioned so as to obtain an anatomically sound beauty. The aim is not pulling the skin to correct the deformities and to cause tension. The key solution is to produce a younger appearence with a harmony among the facial parts. The incisions are made behind the ear and inside the front of the ear so that the scar is hidden and not easily noticeable. This surgery can be performed in patients, who do not have any medical health problems that preclude an intervention. The surgery is performed in an operating room. General anaesthesia is preferred but the operation can also be done under local anaesthesia if appropriate. The surgery can be done in 1 to 4 hours according to the degree of sagging and the type of face-lift. A hospital stay of 1 day is usually sufficient but the patient can be discharged if operated early during the day. If you inform us in detail about all of your expectations, we can discuss the matter with you.

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