Nose Aesthetics

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Nose Aesthetics

Aesthetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty - nasoplasty) or reconstructive nose surgery are the most common nasal surgeries we perform. The shape of your nose can be altered, your nostrils may be resized and the angle between your upper lip and nose can be corrected.

This operation is performed if the patient does not like his/her nose shape or have problems of nasal breathing. Open or closed approach is preferred according to the preference of the patient/surgeon and the degree of deformity. While defining the nose shape, its harmony with other parts of the face should be considered. Nasal width, length, height and angular relationships are all defined according to the shape of the face. It is not enough just to produce a beautiful nose. Being a structure in the middle of the face, its relation to the surrounding facial structures should be considered. An aesthetic nose surgery can improve your outer appearance and increase your self-esteem. An aesthetic nose surgery can be performed in an ambulant surgery center or hospital. In most cases, a stay in the hospital will not be necessary or a stay of one night might be sufficient depending on the complexity of the operation. An aesthetic nose surgery can be performed under local or general anaesthesia. If local anaesthesia is given, generally sedatives are also used. You may be awake during the surgery, however, you will not experience any uncomfort and pain during surgery. With general anaesthesia you will not be aware of anything during the entire surgery.

An aesthetic nose surgery takes approximately two hours. During surgery, the nasal skin will be elevated from the bone and cartilages. Reshaping of the nose will be performed according to the specific problems of the nose and a delicate technique is used. Finally, the nasal skin will be readapted to the newly shaped skeleton of the nose. After surgery, a supportive splint will be used that will help protect the reshaped nose.

The bandages will be removed within one week with the splint. A small bandage will be placed for another week and afterwards, the nose will remain entirely free of dressings. Most patients can return to everyday life within two days and go to work within one week after surgery.