Skin Tumours - Nevus

Deri Tümörleri, Benler, Kanserler

Skin Tumours - Nevus

Skin Tumours – Nevus –Cyst – Lipoma

We all have some sort of coloured skin lesions, nevi, cysts and lipomas on our bodies. These are usually bening lesions. However, malign lesions may also appear one day. Sometimes the so called benign nevus may become a malignant melanoma. For this reason, an evaluation is usually advised if you have something in your body that normally should not exist. If the existing ones change in colour or dimensions, we may need to excise them in order to examine pathologically. Malignant melanoma may sometimes resemble a nevus but in fact may be a life threatening tumour that spreads to other organs.

Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma are the other widely encountered malignant tumours. They may spread to other organs and cause death. Early diagnosis will save your life so do not ignore your tumours. Excision of the tumours does not cause cancer. Contrary to this, excision gives us the chance of early diagnosis and treatment. The tumours that occur under the skin in deeper layers are usually cysts or lipomas. Many other types of tumors also exist. Because of this, diagnosis is very important. A stain, spot or skin elevation that you do not take seriously may ruin your life. Sometimes we prefer to excise them just because they look ugly and and for aesthetic concerns.

Under local anaesthesia, the intervention is done in 5-10 minutes. After that, the treatment is completed and the diagnosis is made. In appropriate situations hidden sutures are used and there will be no need to take the stitches out.